The Not So Magical Kingdom

We thought a trip in Alice’s wonderland
was fun and safe, and not real but good
entertainment for an afternoon, a week,
a month. But not four years. The newness

wears off. We put on new glasses and
begin to see the real wonderland. Not
so nice ruled by a bully Queen shouting
revenge orders off with their heads

directed by Cheshire cat who secretly
knows he that he alone oversees this
once wonderful place. He mischievous
smile hides his intent just before he

just before he fades out, disappearing
into the ALTernative-Reality he inhabits.
The queen here and now, defended two;
one standing at a podium

yelling his madness, red faced and sweating
and another wearing a red, white, blue and
military buttons clown suit, spewing ALT-
ernative facts.

This trip down the rabbit hole has turned
from fun to bummer. I want a refund, my
money back, restore my wasted time. Turn
the clock back to before this trip started.

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