Current Politics: My Opinion

The proclivity of the president-elect to strike back at people who make statements critical of his behaviors, comments or policies, is alarming. Reasonable people must use all avenues in social media to call out his unacceptable, non-presidential behaviors, ideas, and announcements. We must be willing to defend compassion, sensibility, critical reasoning, human rights, the constitution, ethical behaviors, fair treatment for everyone, and the denouncement of the alt-rights, evangelicals, and others who would have this country be a white-male-Christians only country.

Instead of returning to greatness we must strive to return to critical thinking and reasoning. We must value education at all levels, scholarship, the arts, science, available and affordable health care and freedom to make our own choices rather than the choices, made for us, by the personal agendas of elected officials currently in positions of power.

It is 30 minutes past the dawn of the new dark ages. If we wait it too long it will be midnight. Then we live in darkness for the next for years.

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