Endless Crucifix

Jesus hovered above the cross 
watching white-robed men set 
fire to the rope-tied boards
after placing it in front of 
a negro’s house before dragging 

the black man out, rope tight 
around his neck, for lynching, 
while the crosses on their robes 
glowed red in the fire’s reflection 
What did Jesus know from his 

perch? What did he think? Did 
he hear the white-robes claim 
Christianity for whites? For 
Men? Was he forsaken? Did he 
wonder if he died in vain? 

the hanged man floated a few
feet above the ground twisting 
rhythmically in the wind as the 
men watched him die cheering 
grinning smugly

When the cross turned to charcoal 
men took off their robes got in 
their cars went home for dinner
then early to bed so they could 
go to church in the morning.


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