The Last Great Ice Age

the last great ice age 
began during 1999 in Chicago 
in a converted 4th floor walk-up brownstone-condo 
near north and north park avenue

     maybe it started before then I don’t know
     ice ages’ creep up on a person
     imperceptible changes taking place 
     at a snail’s pace minus 104

but that’s about the year the ice bergs
started floating down the hall
from the kitchen around dinner time
the bad bears in the room at the end of hall
began to growl as they hopped on the ice floes

never mind

in three years the condo was frozen solid
and I took refuge outdoors
in the winter
sitting outside on the deck
or at Local Coffee

I kept warm by smoking
and reading the Politics section
in the Trib
before trudging through the snow
to the ice caves