Autumn # 3

we made a deal
in the spring
we agreed to do this together
in the fall

its fall now
keep your word
no no not yet
its too soon

I’m not ready
see the flowers still in bed
see the bushes
still wearing summer clothes

we agreed when the temperature
started to change
colder nights
colder mornings

that would be our signal
to get ready 
no no not now
a little while longer

holding on will bring you pain
see your color is changing
you can do this now on your own
later the wind will tear you away

no no not yet
the sun is still high
the winds icy fingers
haven’t touched my face 

I will wait until the end
when my skin is brown and brittle
and my life force doesnt rise
then and only then will I let go

when I am the last
I will join you
on the ground
piled against the fence

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