you said forever
as you slid into the hollowed out cedar log
with a whittled plug at one end
connecting to a wooden aqueduct
that came from the hot springs

love you forever you said
as our clothes came off
and you lit a candle
just before we got into the tub

I will love you forever you said
as the hot springs water worked its magic
the candle burned down
and finally out

we got dressed in moonlight 
making our way
up the trail to the parking lot
holding hands in silence

we drove back to Portland
bathed in feelings
just being close being near
we got to your apartment you invited me in

for a week we spent every minute together
walking in the park beers at Reuben’s 
or the Goose
just looking at each other

we talked for hours
until there weren’t any more stories
we made love we walked we held hands
I thought we could live together

I called you early on Monday
no answer
I called at noon no answer
I came over and knocked

you were gone with no warning
no notes no calls
no goodbye
but you said forever
at midnight in the cedar tubs

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