Little Gifts

No coffee in the house
a terrible day
     the shopper forgot
and now
only tea and water

a serious caffeine dependency
     manifesting as scowling at the cats
     the profound inability
to make decisions
take off pajamas
     get dressed
     get in car
     go to the store
go in PJ’s
don’t go and suffer

too much to think about
     too many voices
     clamoring to be heard
to be the loudest voice

take out the garbage
     its grey-can day
grabbing bags 
racing through the garage
ancient hotel room coffee packets
     on the work bench
     age unknown

racing back to the kitchen
     fumbling with the pot
     adding water
adding my treasure

peace is coming

still in PJ’s
quietly looking at the garden 
aroma filling my senses
from the steaming cup 
all is good in the world

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