They need me ?

tending plants
in my garden
watering in the morning
     before the sun
     tries to kill everything

I’m not meditating
I’m wondering
     if I take too much care
     like co-dependency
like with people?

I am planning their future
manifest control
     I feed them
what they need to eat
     and when
     breakfast at 7:30
don’t be late
     here is your lunch
     don’t forget it

I place each so carefully
where they are to live
I maximize their opportunities
     their time in the sun
     their shade
     their future
don’t go away to college
your first two years
     stay here
     at home
with me

People tend to get upset
after awhile
being told what to do’
     where to sit’
     what to eat
they strike back with
     obstinate refusal
     abandonment rejection

Plants are better balanced
they turn their faces toward the sun
and thrive

in silence