slow sunrise
cooler morning
clouds hiding
breeze from the north
plants waiting
tai chi for leaves

gardens change slowly
regardless of the kittens
hiding under the leaves
or the 
butterflies and bees
imperceptible differences

going unnoticed

I only know time has passed
by the flowers faces

more than ten thousand days ago
I walked away from a contract
I signed more than twenty thousand days ago

I was sure Murphy would understand
after all I had done my part
to reduce the global oversupply

to restore balance 
equilibrium, supply and demand
stabilizing prices ensuring supply

and secured the livelihood 
of those who worked the bogs
cutting peat for the fires

and those who farmed 
the grains’ and malts
harvesting in their time

I was dutiful punctual
faithful and obedient
for all those many days

until at last, the end of time
I could no longer raise my head
and go more to work

my contract was void
the world had changed
but Murphy kindly let me know

I could always go back