Winter Weekend in Chicago

where are you going?

the stranger picked his way

through the fresh snow


but not succeeding

to keep all of his feet dry

where did you come from?

you handsome guy

in your bright

red-orange coat

black and white tipped ears

and coal black eyes

Are you going home?

or paying a visit to relatives

or friends

and for reasons

known only to you

picked this deserted alley

behind my house

for your travels

did you think you’d find

a morsel or snack

to fortify you on your journey?

seeing me watching him

he moved faster

less careful about where he put his feet

nearly running

until he disappeared at the end of the alley

the temperature was close to zero,

my coffee was cold

my cigar burned out

and I finished the sports

and editorial sections

its was time to go back inside

But the sky was that particular color of putty

that comes before

a heavy snow fall

they’ll have to plow tomorrow

i better move the car


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