The Statue is Leaving

The statue was betrayed
     america does not want
     huddled masses yearning
     freedom is not for everyone

only the rich the wealthy
     who buy their citizenship
     with investments
     or american delivery rooms

she is going back to France
     she is fed up with this hypocrisy
     of americans forgetting
     where their families came from
     before they got to congress
     or the pulpit

she remembers when
she stood for something important
and multitudes stood inline
     at the Ellis
     the island that sat at her feet
now an historical marker
     with pictures of foreigners
     hanging on digital walls
when teaming masses sought
     the opportunity to work
     the chance to make
     their own futures

ideals of freedom like dust
blowing across the street
disappearing in the haze
of the present

she will go back to France
     perhaps they will remember
     her purpose of her birth and the reason
she was gifted to America


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