jasper the pastor doesn’t like gays
     the bible tells him so
        as he reads it,
     though he missed the sentences
     where G-d says
with emphasis
     vengeance is mine
meaning not jasper’s
not ours, not man’s

so bible-misquoting Jasper
doesn’t read all the words
     just enough
     to give spiritual credence
     moral foundation
to his case of homophobia

a friend might suggest to him to read other books
     and perhaps he has
but certainly not freud’s treatises
     on defense mechanisms
or would he have gained insight
into one mechanism in particular
that defends against internal anxiety
caused by you knowing something about yourself
that ya don't want to know
cause ya think its wrong
     and this creates stress
and so he might wonder if homophobia
     is a reaction to his inner feelings
of male preference
and this would be
called reaction formation

reaction formation can be described
as an extreme reaction to the acts you may not do
but want too
so there ya are jasper the  pastor
just doing the Freud dance

but pastor jasper is a man and defiantly not gay
    who wants to set fire to himself
    and burn himself to death
if the supreme court
of the united states
lets gay people get married
     gay people getting married

I like people
who have the courage of their convictions
     rugged individuals
     bible thumping ann rands
and thus, applaud his fiery stand
and have offered to bring weenies and buns
     but i thought better of it
weenies and buns might be too provocative
for other reaction formation-ers
and homophobes

so I will bring marshmallows
for making s’mores   

where are you going?

the stranger picked his way

through the fresh snow


but not succeeding

to keep all of his feet dry

where did you come from?

you handsome guy

in your bright

red-orange coat

black and white tipped ears

and coal black eyes

Are you going home?

or paying a visit to relatives

or friends

and for reasons

known only to you

picked this deserted alley

behind my house

for your travels

did you think you’d find

a morsel or snack

to fortify you on your journey?

seeing me watching him

he moved faster

less careful about where he put his feet

nearly running

until he disappeared at the end of the alley

the temperature was close to zero,

my coffee was cold

my cigar burned out

and I finished the sports

and editorial sections

its was time to go back inside

But the sky was that particular color of putty

that comes before

a heavy snow fall

they’ll have to plow tomorrow

i better move the car

Anchorage was still
putting itself back together
when I got there
it was summer
hot and humid
with big bugs
and pabst blue ribbon
the only draft beer
in town

in the winter
beer stayed cold
in the slighlty opened windows
of the laundry room
where the steam stuck
to the walls
and banana peels
froze to a crystalline sparkle
in the dumpsters
around the barracks

The statue was betrayed
     america does not want
     huddled masses yearning
     freedom is not for everyone

only the rich the wealthy
     who buy their citizenship
     with investments
     or american delivery rooms

she is going back to France
     she is fed up with this hypocrisy
     of americans forgetting
     where their families came from
     before they got to congress
     or the pulpit

she remembers when
she stood for something important
and multitudes stood inline
     at the Ellis
     the island that sat at her feet
now an historical marker
     with pictures of foreigners
     hanging on digital walls
when teaming masses sought
     the opportunity to work
     the chance to make
     their own futures

ideals of freedom like dust
blowing across the street
disappearing in the haze
of the present

she will go back to France
     perhaps they will remember
     her purpose of her birth and the reason
she was gifted to America