Rest Stop Sex

Rest Stop Sex

On a long car trip the bladder is in charge of distance.

My bladder started screaming 6 ½ hours after
as I crossed the Texas state line into New Mexico,
the first rest stop was at Anthony NM,
the next rest stop was thirty miles west, near Las Cruces
there was no way I could make it that far
I pulled into the Anthony rest area

I parked, jumped out, ran to the Men’s
there was a line for both urinals, the stall was occupied,  i waited in line
reading the sign that said watch out for snakes,
a two foot space at the bottom of the walls provided fresh air and the occasional snake.
i didn’t see any
my turn , the urinal next to the stall that was making creaking noise
like there was a giant inside.

a short small guy came out of the stall closing the door behind him
a four day beard kind of guy
and went to the sink and began combing long greasy hair,
unlit cigarette dangling from his mouth,
smirky grin gazing back at him from the mirror
dusty cowboy boots dirty finger nails
gingham shirt with silver collar points, string tie and a big ass Texas-sized belt buckle

I was still peeing when another guy came out of that stall
wearing a light blue izod shirt, madras bermudas, thick glasses, crew cut blond hair
joe-college from the 50’s on the east coast near Boston or Rehoboth
looking dazed, numb, out of focus, not plumb
walking like he was holding a memory between his butt cheeks

I passed up hand-washing and headed back to my car,
twenty minutes later I was having a breakfast at Mcdonald’s in Las Cruces
on University ave, on a tiled patio, looking up at the Organ Mountains
a cup of nearly good coffee, and sausage-egg-biscuit no cheese
clean restrooms, and  uninterrupted time to review, rewind, review again
somehow sex at a roadside rest stop,  just before dawn in a crowded men’s room,
floors still wet from earlier hosing-cleaning, seemed gritty

Maybe it was the setting, the characters, the players, the strangers?
meeting for the first time, last time, only time
melding  body parts in that cramped stall with wet floors,
people coming and going, excitement about getting caught but being careful:
no moaning no cries of pleasure no feeling no emotions no unnecessary touching
just penetration, movement, orgasm, zip up, leave the stall
be unobtrusive no hints, just satisfied grins, ear to ear smiles
straighten your clothes get in your car continue driving east or west

only a visceral memory remains
and it begins to  fade with each mile,  
practice makes familiar, learn the rules
the signs, the signals
the gestures and glances
that say,  “I’m available.”


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