he came-to in the middle of a junction where two roads crossed
he didn’t remember who he was, or how he got to where he was
or even where ‘here’ was
he sat up and looked around
not seeing anything or anybody he slowly got to his feet
and walked to the side of one of the roads
the sun was just coming up so he could tell
which, was east and thus all the directions
none of which helped him in any way
from there he could see he was at a crossroads
and each road that met there, ran off east/west and north/south
disappearing into the shadowy distance
he got up slowly trying to shake off the numbing dregs of uncertainty
with fuzzy indistinct ethereal images of actions
people and places, jellyfish-like unsubstantial ghostly and fleeting
he saw his arms were covered with brown dust
put his hands to his hair neck
his hands came away with the same fine soil
he looked at his clothes and
saw that they were also covered in the same soft dirt,
as if he had been buried in the earth

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