Academic Relief

Today I am practicing not teaching
classes and finals are officially over
next week
I am cleaning my kitchen as it gets dirty
not when I run out of dishes
I’m getting my dryer repaired because I am home and can make an appointment
no more trips to the laundromat with a carload of damp clothes
then doing laundry when there is only one load not 12 loads
and I still have clean clothes to wear
I pruned my bamboo this morning
got my mail before the postman took it back to the post office
am still in my pajamas and slippers
drinking fresh coffee instead of one or even two day old and stale (moldy?)
cooked breakfast instead of fast food
(and washed the dishes)
The pile of unread books and magazines
will begin to disappear
and I look forward to day trips
to the bookstores in town
I have read most of NY Times
the day it comes out
not a week late or a month late
and I brushed the cats
fed the raccoons
and watched the stress leave

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