I know we had an idyllic past
I’ve learned about it in the movies and on TV
Always Sunny days, and after church going home
Sit down family dinners everybody in their Sunday best
For ham with pineapple, and mashed potatoes with brown gravy
And green beans from the garden
And peach cobbler with handmade ice cream for dessert
Or maybe walk into town
to the town square
spreading our picnic blanket on the lawn
in front of the band-shell
waiting for John Philippe Sousa to arrive
stars and stripes forever
before the first war and maybe back further
but TV showed there were cars already
but medicines like vaccinations, and especially hospitals weren’t like today
death is not so idyllic when it comes at 45
when people died from diseases long gone now
and people went hungry
really only white people went to the park
to hear the volunteers play high school instruments
and have their Sunday picnic
the colored still had signs to tell them where to sit
where to stand, where to go
and after all they had their own part of  town
and those brown folks that worked in the fields
well they couldn’t come to town at all
nothing for them but hard work
no schools, no medicine, no anything
and especially nothing that the town had to pay for
Calvinism runs strong through idyllic America
When Cruzie or Rubiota, Randy, Walken Tall, Perry the killer of coyotes
or others of their ilk
want to take back America I’m afraid they believe in the TV illusions
idyllic-ism overly fond reverence for that which never was
in a time when the poor and the needy were scorned
By people talking about Jesus
do not help others they must help themselves
besides they cost money
acting as if Calvin himself was their minister/preacher
“Pull yourself out of sin
Suffer through hard work
hoard money don’t spend you will be rewarded
only if you qualify, only if you’re white, only if you control who votes
Control and domination will be your reward

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