Reception Desk

Certain memories hide in dusty corners
unseen unheard until
they suddenly materialize
returning unbidden
summoned by a silent voice or unseen hand
embellished and improved over  time
tailored to our present desires, our needs
A long line of guys
    a mixer/date evening
    pre-paired by  two dorms
expectancy running high
in the lobby of the girls dorm
leaning across the reception desk
  mischievous smile, green eyes, blue button down,
  khaki shorts , penny loafers
“Who are you meeting?”
“…just a sec I’ll call her
and let her know you are waiting.”
Did 30-seconds pass?  did 45?
instantaneous and timeless impossibly together
this briefest of moments lasting more than 50 years
this chance meeting
tempered my excitement
and could not see,  nor remember with clarity
the girl who announced
“I’m here, who is the lucky guy?”
but have often remembered with great detail
and embedded feelings
the girl at the desk

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