Clown Car

The clown car is loading, like stuffing a pork chop,
the clowns keep arriving one at a time, pushy-clowns
trying to outdo each other with their self-righteous smugness,
holier than thou, holier than each other,  authoritarians  
before the 1950’s there were no clown cars
in back, behind the driver sits an un-declared wannabe
who diminished  the unions and defunded the universities
thus establishing an a priori claim of the fitness needed
to conduct international war against America’s enemies
war is good for coke
the passenger seat is filled by the man who talks to G-d
and relates that he was  told that he alone is anointed—by G-d
to restore this Christian country?  
to a perception of imagination, that never was
the founding fathers separated church and state: On purpose
another  in back, a declared isolationist,
publisher or author of racist material,  he claims he didn’t write
but maybe his predecessor clown wrote it,  oh well
it was long ago at a different circus
or the same circus at a different time
imagine no circus, no need for clowns no rings or tents no donkeys or elephants
just a return to logic and reason
not relative or opportunistic or situationally appropriate based on who’s buying tickets
paying for the music, the food, the wine
The car is filling fast and more clowns are coming
4 declared, 1 pending, 9 with formal interest, 9 with public interest 

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