The Lady and the Thug

The breakfast buffet was set out before sunrise
the regular early crowd was waiting by the door
anxiously waiting the food to arrive
the gentleman in the white coat
who slept on a cushioned lounge chair near the buffet
was, as always the first to arrive

jumping up and down the little sisters, one dressed formally in fashionable black and white,
and the other more seasonal in spring tweeds
raced around trying to be the first in first bowl
stretching from bowl to bowl to see what was best, better
finally settled and down on haunches
the sound of chewing could be heard several feet away

two of the usual stragglers finally showed up
always late but always before the arrival of the sun
the burly thug wearing a mask across his eyes
and the lady in black and white
a flowing black train with two white stripes following
usually ignored each other and ate in separate settings

but that morning the sisters and the old gentleman

ate early and hearty,  consuming  all the food on three tables
leaving only one spot for both the latecomers
these two frequently ate at the same time, and next to each other
but never from the same place
the lady was a delicate eater taking small mouthfuls  and chewing her food

the thug was a gobbler eating with his hands and his mouth,

occasionally leaving the buffet and going to the pond for a drink
then would race back and gobble some more
the different munching styles strongly suggested
eating together, sharing, taking turns, would never work
and the others diners moved away, anticipating tension

first the lady would take a mouthful

the then thug would grab the bowl sticking both hands in to get his food
then the lady would with deliberation bent her head to the bowl
until the thug couldn’t take sharing anymore
and with a sudden action grabbed the bowl in his hands
holding it close to his chest, and away as he ran as fast as could

later when the lady left and regulars came back out

I went looking for the bowl
Around the side of the house
And finally through the gate I saw the errant bowl
In the front yard, in the grass
Empty and licked clean, the thug was nowhere to be seen

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