Dust and Ashes

You anger is so deep
You pretend its devotion
You must destroy all that isn’t you
You must burn the world so that all is dust and ashes, even sand
You must demolish all that offends thee,
You must demonstrate your resolve of purification
Statues offend thee, crush them, they are idols, avatars, evil
Dancers offend thee, you practice obedience not celebration, hang them if they don’t convert
Prayers offend thee, don’t listen false to words, cut out  tongues of those who pray to false G-ds
People  offend thee, if they are different,  hang them by their necks, at the gates of your cities
You must stand alone,
You must rule the planet
You must command beyond the horizons, perhaps beyond the stars
You must dominate all that is known, all that remains,

dust and ashes

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