A Focus on Vaginas

What is happening to the world,
when did the ‘other’ become in charge
you know the one who flunked biology
the one who had issues, who went away
before high school was done
And then came back and went to a college
struggled and flunked out
blaming the lazy faculty for their academic failures
while they were popular and admired by their peers
and wasn’t that enough to earn passing grades
And rode that admiration into life
with no knowledge of the world,
saying vaginas can be seen by tiny swallowed cameras.
but I fail, having passed biology, to understand how the gut is connected
to the female reproductive system
I do see striking similarities
mandated burqas  and mandates against yoga pants
God forbid the sight of the outline of vagina would drive men crazy
and away from God, especially if you were focused
on those part of a woman anatomy in the first place
I fail again to make the connection
between fungus and cancer
I suppose I could understand this
if I had never gone to school, never listened in class
never took notes, never asked questions
I will drink baking soda prophylactically
My ignorance is profound and I am ashamed
I fail to see why yoga pants are more important than health insurance
than a budget for education
than adequate food for all people
access to medical care
I fail to understand why woman’s gynecological exams
Warrant public vetting
And I especially don’t understand bunk science
That touts medical miracles if you just go to Nevada
Baking soda tiny cameras and no yoga pants will be the salvation of us all
If we forget that we were once educated

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