Torture Chamber

Do you love someone?
and in return for devotion and longing, get notified
that you are just friends,  or best friends,
or even best friends forever,
and therefore, banished
to the friendzone
a box canyon,  with thousand foot walls
one tantalizing way in, full of unsaid promises
one way out, crawling on sharp stones,
staying will settle like a boulder on your chest,
leaving will tear at you like raptors talons
until you can’t move,
cant breath
can’t live,
and finally, thinking  you must return to the box or you will die
today, the day of the heart,
are you listening to fables?
that the owner of the trap can’t find anyone
the world is empty
no ‘suitables’ and too many ‘settle fors’,
there is no one,  for them
why won’t they look around,
you say,
to no one
they have chosen to be alone,
blaming the world for not producing
their prefect partner
you also have chosen to be alone,
by being with someone
who has put blinders on their eyes
and you walk
the path of loneliness

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