The voice of your brother’s blood….(Gen 4:10-11)

I wonder
where is the outrage

for the dead  boy in San Antonio?
as I see Berkeley burning
and Ferguson rebuilding, honoring one
I pause to think
about university presidents
laying on the floor of their homes Chanting  “I can’t breath”
about classes being suspended
so students can march across the bridge, to honor one
I wonder
where are the demonstrators? The fire starters, the bottle throwers?
as a  few friends gather
to hold a prayer service
and carry signs about justice for one dead boy
I am amazed
that these three were all killed by police
but two demand national attention
two demand national violence, national headlines, national outrage, and the president
and one’s name is forgotten in a moment
I am sadden
By the unraveling of the fabric of consensus
 threads loosen and become separate,
with no connections to  other strands
until the ground is littered with indifference

(his name was Cameron Redus)

Published  January 2015 Voices de la Luna, San Antonio, Texas

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