To find out if I am alive

To find out if I am alive the medicos have put me through my annual set of tasks
I have completed echo cardiograms, and chemical stress tests,
pulmonary function test, jiggle test,
chest CT-scan, abdominal CT scans,
extensive lab work for my diabetes
and someone even looked at my toes.
No salt, no sugar, no carbs and no fats
That is my new mantra
tree bark is good
and sand
quit smoking
                I did this already and it seriously complicates the diet of no food!!!
stay out of the sun
stay out of the rain
stay out of the wind
(write a song)
stay away from crowds
movies, restaurants, and parks,
parties, meetings, students
from cats , and birds
            fortunately not together often enough
to cause me problems
stop rolling over and asking me,
with your eyes
to rub your stomach       please !!!
           (unless you are not a cat, then please continue)
from children who might be sick (all)
from adults who might be sick (many)
from republicans (damn that is 90% of Texas)
start walking
           well I walked two miles this morning
looking for my reading glasses
I never left the house
and neither had the glasses

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