People, fill up locations in memory: picture and lists
habitually disconnected images, but with purpose and effort, eventually associated, 
or at least, connected in  imagination
looking with effort, through many albums, and old phone books
‘nice to see you again…’ causing a puzzled look, frequently followed by ‘don’t you remember?’
thinking, “No.” But pretending, for the sake of kindness, head-nods in agreement,
“Yes, Yes I do.”
more space is needed,  new faces without names, new names without faces,  arriving everyday
more head-nods, the utility of politeness,  taking up space
housekeeping is commanded, throw out the old,  the fictitious, the pointless.
heartless housekeeping eliminate the casual, expel the pointless
memories that give no comfort,  
that don’t temper the relentless winds of loneliness and regret , that come in the darkest hours
sweep the dust from the corners, along the passages, between the stacks,
make space for  new faces, new names,  new purpose,    useful memories, 
like lamps in the hallway when the clouds obscure the moon

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