Two gnarled witches

like old oaks, bent and twisted
from years of carrying their magic
from carrying themselves
convinced of their control
were taken by their magic,
as magic does,
convinces some to come and play
first seducing   then taking prisoners
Two young trees
slightly bent but not yet stooped
watch the old trees, and desire the power they see
and in practicing that power
have no  defense
against the coming storm
Certain of their authority
move freely in the world, unarmed
believing in their invulnerability,
Magic will give lessons,
About its supremacy
Over, those who indulge
By failing in a moment
To shield, protect
And empower
Proving it has the power
letting the supplicants feel the pain of their actions
while the old trees wring their branches, and point twigs in despair
the first seduction of magic


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