Matrix of the Mind

There is no balance in life

the brain works diligently to create images
that give substance to the perceptual fabrication
thus providing pictures of continuity
called reality
trees appear to be growing in a stand
but each a singularity, simply growing
where the seed fell
not in contrived proximity, not similars together in group
just trees
life does not continue  in an unbroken  line
but disruptions are overlooked for the good image
do not break the flow,  perceive good continuation
rather than separate events, always connected
 no fate
curves with gaps appear to be complete circles
the missing piece irrelevant
to the perception of closure
symmetry must be maintained
many spaces
what does the world really look like?
Is it a chaotic place, that when perceived
would make men mad?
and in that madness experience hallucinations
of completeness

and symmetry?

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