Then, Now and In-Between + Video

The mind tantalizes with assorted images of then and now
growing up at the ocean’s edge tide pools to explore
boy’s life dungeness crab, razor clams, fishing from the rock jetty
smell the salt air, feel the fresh cold ocean spray on your face
 when the waves throw themselves on the beach
another time walking the streets that Rexroth walked,  when he was 20
riding the orange line train past the old stockyards, see  faces of workingmen
mark the corner where the Haymarket Riot took place
Rexroth stood over there, a boy really, watching soldiers shoot civilians
Waiting to go to jail, for a month, a suspected sympathizer
looking out at a garden, buds summoned by the warmth of the sun
early bees setting up housekeeping for the summer
birds signing while building their nests, dodging the cats with ease
lemon and pomegranate trees survived the winter
and the chilipequin is leafing out nicely, next to the still sleeping lantana

where will I live today?

submitted for publication

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